At Home Brain Training: I am so Excited to see What our Future Holds

I had the honor of going to Mexico to be trained how to do neurofeedback on my own family.  It was an amazing experience!  I have worked on two of my children for two days now.  Today is the second day that one of them has gotten up by himself and gotten dressed! This NEVER happens.  He is usually so hard to get up and out the door in the mornings.  Today he said, "Mom, I have made up my mind every morning I am going to get dressed when I wake up." 

I am so excited to see what our future holds.

I stayed for the family camp that followed the Brain training in order to practice my new skills.  By being there, I was also able to listen to the teaching in the Heart Smart classroom by Miss Hannah.  I was amazed at how much I learned by listening to her teaching the children and their parents.  

Thank you Pam, Hannah, and Dena for all you are doing to  help families.  You have hearts of gold and I am so blessed to have this opportunity.

Katie W.

Already a Drastically Changed Child

I just started neurofeedback on my hardest child a few days ago (after returning home from the Camp Revolution brain training) and he is already a drastically changed child!  He keeps telling me how calm he feels and hasn't been in trouble in two whole days!  AND, academically we have seen drastic change already as well. 

I'm just blown away.  Thank you again, so much, for offering this training so that we as parents can do neurofeedback for our own family.

Vanessa F.

Great Comfort in Being Around Others that Understood

Camp Revolution has changed our life for the better!  We had the opportunity to go to the camp in Spokane, WA at "the Ranch."  We were able to bond and grow as a family while at the same time learn many tools to help our children heal through their trauma.  My husband and I found great comfort being around others that understood our circumstances and have endured our challenges.  We made new life long friends and are looking forward to attending another camp in the future.  

Melinda C.

Get Inspired and Re-Wired!

I cannot imagine where our family would be without camp. Honestly these people have helped us far beyond what they would have needed to.  This may sound gushy, but I am sincere.  There is no place like it to regroup and get inspired and get re-wired!

I LOVE CAMP!  I love the sharing, organized and unorganized.  It's so refreshing to be with other families that get what you are talking about and going through and also with the great Camp Revolution staff! They are each loving, positive, and caring. They also have a lot of first hand experiences in dealing with all sorts of troubled children.

We have attended multiple camps and each one has its own personality and benefits but I have loved every one!  

Brenda H.


Camp was Paced Nicely

If you have teens, take them to camp!  Our three loved it!  I think that for our children, the Heart Smart room was the most valuable part of the entire camp.  I loved what she taught them and how she did it. 

The therapy we received as a couple was worth it as well.  The laughing and crying while having freedom to tell whatever kinds of horror stories we have been through was so helpful.  The time sitting and singing with new friends gave us new memories to treasure.

Also, camp was paced very nicely.  There was plenty of organization but not so overly that you would get stressed because you were wore out and the pace killed you.  It was nice to not have to hurry, hurry, hurry too much. They were very good on what I call restful activity.

In my opinion, it was worth every single penny.

Robb B.

After Camp our Family was all on the Same Page

Our teens (16,15,12) were very leery about going.  They had it in their minds that it was going to be stupid and they they weren't going to partcipate or talk about anything personal with anyone.

But they fell in love with the staff and camp after the first day!  By the end, they had even shared some personal things in the group conversations.  After camp, it truly felt that we were all on the same page. 

Shelly B.

Provided our Family with what we needed most: HOPE!

Camp Revolution has done so much for our family: connections to other families with similar challenges; camp staff who minister to each family member where they are and in ways they need; funn as a family; a safe place to learn, talk and heal for both our kids and us as parents; initiating conversations and strategies that ignite and sustain positive change in our home EVEN AFTER CAMP IS OVER!...but most importantly, it provided our family with what we needed most: HOPE.

Art S.

Camp was like ICU for our Hurting Family

Camp was like ICU for our hurting family.  I'm not even sure how we made it that first time, but somehow we did- and I'm so grateful we did! The entire Camp Revolution team was passionately committed to seeing each member of our family heal and thrive.  

We felt safe and supported, surrounded by people who understand this journey, and nourished us with life-giving words.  Camp helped our family move from survival to hope.

Grace H.

We've Never Regretted our Decision to Attend Camp

Camp was an amazing breakthrough for our family.  We had triangulation and misunderstanding.  The help at camp was superb.  Miss Pam's classes with the parents gave us a chance to ask questions and receive helpful advice; Miss Hannah's Heart Smart was ingenious; Miss Dena gave us neurofeedback and pointers for parenting; Miss Christsine helped us put things into perspective.  We've never regretted our decision to attend camp. 

Penny T.

We Feel Safe at Camp

Camp Revolution has been a huge help in bringing me and my family out of a place of brokenness.  We went into our first camp with many fears about the whole idea.  Now two years later, my children (teens and younger) ask to go again an again (and we have!). 

We feel safe there.  We can come with any baggage (emotional, etc) and unload it with safe people.  We left with tools to help us deal with the future.

Lisa T.

Moving Forward to Whole-Heartedness

All of us at our house love Camp Revolution!  Heart Smart School is a safe, nurturing environment where the children learned important coping skills for life.  Beyond the relief we feel that they enjoyed participating something so healing for them was the relief my husband and I have felt being with the team and fellow parents who understand our journey and have helped us move forward to whole heartedness.

Camp Revolution has changed our home in the way we understand heart to heart connection, both in how we parent and also in our marriage.  Thanks to all of you who've had this amazing, positive impact on our family.

Maria W.

Safe, Loved, and Accepted

Our camp experience was one that literally redirected our healing journey as a family. We were doing everything we knew how to do but parenting traumatized brains and hearts is different than we had experienced prior with our two biological kids.  

We felt safe, loved and accepted.  We connected with the staff and many other families that were on silimar healing journeys.  We are forever grateful to God for leading our crew to Camp Revolution!

Kara B.

My Husband and I also Benefitted Greatly

Our family attended Camp Revolution in March of 2016.  We went hoping to get help for our two children who struggle with issues of their early trauma experience.  Our whole family totally enjoyed camp!  Our children benefited, which was great of course.  But to our surprise, my husband and I also benefited greatly.  We learned not only to parent our awesome children, but we dealt with our marriage and walk with God.  We plan to attend another camp in January, 2018.

Levina W.

Heart Smart School is a Safe and Valuable Place to Learn new Tools

My favorite part about camp was the Heart Smart School.  It was such a life-giving and valuable place for our adoptive and biological children to learn new tools and help them in their healing journey.  I loved that us parents got to also learn and come alongside each of our kids here. 

Hannah provides her expertise and wisdom in a safe, encouraging, and loving way for the child and adult.  The tools we learned at camp contiue to help our family on a daily basis!

Kari L.

We Melted into one big Family

Camp is a wonderful safe place to be.  You are accepted as you are and loved unconditionally as you are surrounded by understanding and care. 

As we were together with everyone, we melted into one big family: many heart to heart talks, prayer requests, laughter, tears, singing, sharing our highs and lows of the day, etc.

My kids adored Miss Hannah in the Heart Smart with her well-told stories and lessons.  They were rich, meaningful, and easy to understand.  The parent coaching time with Pam was also enriching with words of affirmation and learning what to let go of.

All in all, camp was a life-changing experience!

Monica G.