North Carolina Family Camp (August 2018)

What an amazing family camp cradled in the spectacular Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina.

This camp was 6 full days of parent coaching, skills building for the teens and kids, EMDR therapy, Mom time and the Brain Cave (neurofeedback) was full from sun up to some evenings 11 or 12…Mom and Dad movie date nights was treasured time during our week at camp.

Families activities were plentiful this camp too…swimming, hiking, BBQ’s and bear watching were some of the favorites.

A BIG thank you to Gail Osborne and Shelly Snead for hosting the camp and to all those who donated meals so that we could spend more time loving on the families.

north carolina camp.jpg

Family Camp on the Ranch (July, 2018)

A cherished favorite location of many.  Join us on the Ranch in Loon Lake, WA in the old west setting. 

WOW! Such an amazing week filled with neurofeedback, parent and children classes, family activities (to the beaver pond and gold mining stream), and a BIG THANK YOU to Amber, for donating a Bouncy House for the duration of camp and Cheryl for the pampered mom time! Marion….THANK YOU for sharing your love and gift of singing. Our days began and ended on such a high note with you leading us with your beautiful songs.

I love the synchronicity of life…camps come together and a day or two in, we are like, “oh this camp is all about the Dads, or this is all about the marriage…” This camp was ALL ABOUT THE MOM’s and we debuted our Empowered Mama’s time and it couldn’t have happened at better camp!

The days were hot and the evenings cooled off, the kids played hard and worked hard in the heart smart room. Parent time didn’t miss a beat and the Brain Cave was full all day long.

Fairbanks, AK Family Camp (June, 2018)

This camp in stuning Fairbanks, Alaska was a week of fellowship, family, support, neurofeedback galore.  We took time to learn the art of being mosquito ninjas, visited Denali National Park and the North Pole (saw Santa's reindeer), as well as took an art painting class from a professional!   

A big THANK YOU to the Woods family for hosting and thank you to those who donated food so that we could love on these families.

This camp was a mix of new and repeat families and the focus was neurofeedback and so neuro we did…around the clock. Families came and went as their schedule allowed.

Every camp fills us up in a different way..but this one will always have a special place in our hearts.


Ensenada, MX Neurofeedback and Family Camps (January 2018)

Week 1: Neurofeedback Training: 

We were so honored to debut our new specialty camp!   Families bought a package for providing neurofeedback from "Brain-Trainer company."  Individuals learned to do both brain mapping and how to run the recommended protocols for their own family when they returned home.

It was a week of incredible comraderie, so much so that the trainer himeself said it was one of his top five experiences of community. Wow! 

Week 2: Family Neurofeedback Camp

Another successful camp complete with outings to local tourist sites, including La Bufadora, the beach, and our favorite taco stands!  Of course we had daily neurofeedback, trainings, and family activities.  We are so grateful to have these camps in such unique and beautiful locations.  


beach clifner kids jumping.jpg

Lake Conroe, Tx Family Camp (November, 2017)

When Camp Revolution was offered a gorgeous house to host a family camp on Lake Conroe in Texas (Houston area), our regret was that we did not schedule it sooner!  We had no idea how pristine, breathtaking, and soothing the entire setting would be.  Bonus: SUN and swimming in the on-site pool in November made for extra happy kids!

Thank you to the adoptive family that was so generous to bless these five families (24 campers) with a wonderful location to heal.  We are lovingly calling this camp Toddler Teen Camp!  Never before have we juggled equal amounts of both age groups with only two elementary school aged kids sandwiched in the middle!  

Camp highlights:

  • Brain maps for all and 7 neurofeedback machines running pretty much non-stop. One of the dads with a head injury said he had never felt more clear headed since his accident after several neurofeedback sessions.

  • Group support, discussion, and trainings

  • A capella singing with beautiful harmonies

  • EMDR therapy

  • Amazing home cooked meals including an authentic Brazilian meal

  • Salt water pool swimming with a stunning lake view

Even our EMDR therapist, Christine Wilson, ended camp by saying to the families:  "A speaker once said 'you are perfect the way you are and there is room for improvement.' I'm completely dazzled by you all- your strength, determination and willingness to look at your own issues.  Keep learning and growing.   Thanks for letting me be a part of it!" 

We completely agree with you, Christine.  There is nothing more beautiful, humbling, and healing than watching families take their next steps while here at Camp Revolution.  

So, thank YOU!