what is camp and where are they located?

Camps have been held in a myriad of places, with more locations on the books in the next year. 

Home base for us is in the Spokane, WA area at our camp director, Pam's place.  We lovingly call this location "Camp on the Ranch."   Families stay in the cabins and RV's right on the property and we get Pam and Lonny’s amazing cooking during Camp at the Ranch.  It is held on about 40 acres and is absolutely breathtaking.  Family activities on the Ranch include gold panning, beaver ponds, corn hole/outdoor games, feeding the animals/gathering the chicken eggs, target practice for the Dad’s, and just so much more! 

Camp on the Ranch typically includes every one of our services including the children's program (Heart Smart), Neurofeedback mapping and subsequent sessions for each family member,  parent training, and EMDR/Individual/Couple/Family therapy, with a local therapist (contracted position so will depend on availability).  

We also hold camps "On-Location."  Some unique places we have held camp: Manitoba, Canada, Ensenada, Mexico (a block from the ocean!), Texas, North Carolina, Oregon & Uganda, Africa. Camps on location have a mixture of services available but always include the standard parent trainings, children's program (Heart Smart), and Neurofeedback mapping plus sessions for each family member. 

If you would like us to come bring camp to you, let us know!  We love adventures and meeting you exactly where you are at.


what is neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback is a 50-year-old practice of non-invasive direct training of brain function, by which the brain learns to function more efficiently and allows an individual to learn voluntary control over his/her brain’s electrical activity or “brainwaves”.

Through a process called neuroplasticity, research has proven that the brain has the ability to learn from its experiences and the environment. Often, Neurofeedback is referred to as exercise for brain or brain training. With repetition, it works to help keep our brain fit, flexible, and resilient.

To watch a video demonstration of how neurofeedback works, CLICK HERE  


what is a typical camp schedule?

A typical day at camp might look like this:

8-9am    Breakfast

9-11am       Parent Group Time / Kids in Heart Smart School

11-12pm     Parents in Heart Smart School w/children

12-1pm  Lunch

1-2:30pm    Quiet Time/Family Time/Empowered Mama’s Group

2:30 – 4:30 pm  Parent Group Time / Kids in Heart Smart School

4:30-5:30pm    Family Activity

5:30 – 6:30pm  Dinner

6:30 Evening Group 

The schedule can change based on the needs of the families attending and whether we are on the ranch or on-location for camp.

Neurofeedback is provided to each camp attendee throughout the day.


how do we prepare for camp?

You will also be sent an online form for each family member needed for the brain mapping process.

Children will need: Twistable colored pencils (or colored pencils and a sharpener), mechanical pencils (or pencils with a sharpener), 1-2 activities they can enjoy by themselves (ie Legos, building toys, rubberband bracelet making, craft kits, etc). 

Accomodations and family activities vary with each camp location.  We will be sure to give you a heads up about the individual needs of your particular camp before coming. For example, our Ensenada camps recommend beach towels/toys and money for taco stands while camp on the Ranch you will need good walking shoes and farm clothes. 


what do the kids do during camp?

Heart Smart is a safe, warm place for children and teens to learn tools that help in self-regulation and self-awareness.

Children are taught in small groups according to age as well as in a large group.

Parents join the Heart Smart each day in order to learn these skills along with the children. This is vital because it facilitates cohesive learning and gives more chances for success upon going home.


what about the teens? 

One common worry is about if this camp experience accommodates the very unique need of adolescents.   Teens have a special place in our hearts and we care very much that our teens learn and have fun while at camp.


what is emdr therapy/ does everyone get therapy?

EMDR therapy is a special kind of therapy that often helps people in families where there has been any kind of trauma. You can read a little about it (here).  Not everyone at camp receives therapy.  The camp director and therapist will work with your family to see who would benefit.  Not all camps have an EMDR therapist, as it is a contracted position, though the majority of them do. In addition to an EMDR therapist we have Parent and Family Coaches available to meet with at each camp.


what topics are covered in parent meetings?

Topics change based on the needs of the parents at a given camp but often include:

  • Structure/Nurture Balance

  • Understanding different types of parenting

  • One-Liners

  • Caring for your Marriage Under Stress

  • Letting Things go

  • Self Care

  • Love Languages 

  • Who Am I (our own Identity/Enneagram Personalities)?

  • Chores/Responsibility/Respect


what happens after camp?

We all miss each other!  We have a What'sApp group set up for your each camp as a way to stay in touch with each other as well as the team.

Each of the team members offer after camp services as if you feel you need additional support after camp…services range anywhere from Neurofeedback Intensives, Brain-cations, IEP/504 Assistance, and Parent Coaching Programs.

There are so many ways to stay connected.  When families leave, many are already planning when their next camp will be!


what does it cost to attend camp?

Camps and Intensives are all inclusive: room, meals, services, etc.  Travel costs are on your own.   Each camp is customized to the families that come, the contracted professionals, ages of family members, camp location and duration of camp, etc. 


what is an intensive or brain-cation?

Intensives are for families that would like many of the services offered at camp but in a smaller setting.  Usually they are held on the Ranch.

A Brain-cation is typically neurofeedback centered…it can be for one individual or the entire family. Both Pam and Dena offer Brain-cations.