Camp Revolution Welcome

Helping hearts and brains one family at a time…


Though each camp and intensive is unique, services offered at camps and intensives include:

  • Parent & Family Coaching

  • Children and Teens Skill Building Classes

  • QEEG mapping and Neurofeedback sessions

  • Family Activities

  • Support and connection with other families

  • Therapy- EMDR, Couples, & Family (contracted position, not every camp)

  • Sessions with a Special Education consultant (contracted position, not every camp)

Welcome to Camp Revolution Ministries!

Offering 7-10 day Camps (or Intensives) designed to help families raising children with developmental trauma and special needs.

Camp Revolution provides a unique and personalized family centric approach to camps. We believe that there is always hope regardless of how bleak things may feel and seem in the moment.  

During your time at camp you will experience neurofeedback, parent classes/coaching, children and teen skill building,  connection with other parents and families, and family fun.  


Meet the Team

Pam Clifner

Pam and her husband Lonny are the owners of OK-9 Corral Bed and Biscuits in Loon Lake, WA. Pam is the Camp Director for Camp Revolution Ministries and an adoptive mom to 7 . Pam’s ranch is the home of many camps, family intensives and can often be found hanging around her kitchen table, cooking and laughing.

Dena McComb

Dena is the owner and founder of A Brain Fit Life, a private Neurofeedback training and Parent Coaching practice in Cheney, WA. As a Foster and Adoptive Mom raising children with special needs, she understands the struggles and has a heart for working with the Mama’s and families with Autism and Developmental Trauma.

Gaile Osborne

In 2014, Gaile stepped away from working full time as a special education teacher and began working to advocate services for her adoptive children and others families in the NC region. Gaile has been instrumental in helping many of our camp families navigate IEP and 504 meetings and holding education workshops for teachers.